About us

We are the perfect online shop for professionals, handymen or handywomen and home-loving people...

About us

For those who seek to improve situations and want things right now! For those who see a flaw and want to fix it. For perfectionists and those who try to be perfectionists. For creative handymen or handywomen who like to experiment, because the best decorations and ideas come out from their imagination. For those who look for advice to improve, the confidence for being supported, the partners to make projects together.

For them it is Cofan, and we want to improve their experiences.

Therefore, one of our principles as a company is the proximity and closeness to our customers.

At we have more than 28,000 references and many specialised services to improve the productivity and profitability of business and homes.

You can find all the products segmented by specialised sectors that are divided in an intuitive and simple way, in order that it is very easy to find them according to your need.

Do you want to learn more?

We are a company that was created in 2001, so we have over 20 years of experience in hardware, industrial supply, DIY and household products sectors. Our activity began as part of a group of companies involved in the industrial and automotive sector, which is characterised by innovation and technology in business fields. It is located in Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real), Spain.

About us

We started to grow individually, being a young and new company in the sector, but the truth is that we have been growing and evolving by leaps and bounds and we can say that we are near the maturity. Now we are a benchmark in the sector of industrial supply and hardware.

What has made us grow with such strength?

  • We think that one of the reasons is the close communication with our customers.
  • We offer what you need and we ship it in 24-48 hours to your home. For us, time is very important and we know that we must make the most of it.
  • We are part of the life of more than 12,000 customers, providing them everything we know that works, seeking the productivity and profitability of their businesses.

Do you want to learn more about us? Where we work? Where can you find us? Then, keep reading. We want you to feel like home, to get to know each other. And we hope you give us the opportunity to meet you.

The majority of our professional team is formed by our commercial network, spread throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. They are the link between you and our company, business, the future. They advise you, inform you and explain you; they train you, they collaborate with you and, above all, they provide profitability to your business.

Would you like to grow and evolve professionally with a great, close and trustworthy team? Fill in the following form by clicking "Employment"

Would you like to work with a stock of more than 28,000 references, where innovation and technology are the order of the day, facilitating everything you need in less than 24-48 hours?

Click on "Distributor" and we will contact you. Take part in our triumph, planning and strategy designated by Cofan, it is proven to be successful.

About us

We have a dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated professional team that struggles with the same strength as the first day, studying each project so that it becomes the best. But we also have the experience and wisdom of a company with more than 15 years, which has struggled to satisfy each of its customers. Therefore, we would like to tell you what leads us to do this work every day.

We like to help, it's that simple. We believe that we can contribute much more than you expect, because we are the ideal ones to offer you a product, explain it to you, advise you on your doubts and provide you a shipping service in less than 24-48h.

How do we get it? Look at this GIF

About us

We want to grow with the professionals.

We want to feel the way DIY lovers do.

We want to be part of your family and home.

Therefore, we have divided even more our departments with the aim of specialising more in what you are looking for, because not everyone wants the same, and we want what YOU want.

Do you let us be part of your motivations and your aspirations?

We would love to form a team with you. If you wish, you can contact us in the most modern way 😊

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