What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded on a computer or any other device used by the user when navigating certain websites, in order to store and retrieve information regarding the navigation on that computer.

This allows us to improve the navigability and accessibility of the user in our website, thus helping us improve the quality of our service.

Purpose and configuration of Cookies

From this section you will be able to accept and reject the different cookies we use, as well as know the purpose they have.

Our Cookies

These are the ones that Cofan La Mancha S.A. manages and sends directly to the terminals of those who visit us for the following purposes:

  • Technical Cookies: They allow the correct operation of our web site's services. They are used, among other things, to control data traffic and communication, manage the registration of a user to the system or provide services to a user who is already registered.

Third party cookies

These are the ones that are sent to the terminals of our visitors and which are managed directly by the indicated third parties not belonging to Cofan La Mancha S.A. for the following purposes:

Why should I allow cookies?

  • You will get a better experience of our website.

  • They are necessary for any customer logging, on-line shopping or in order to provide the customers with the necessary information for any customer-website interaction.

Cookie information

What happens if I reject cookies?

Blocking the cookies may cause a malfunctioning of the web, preventing access to certain areas or providing certain services for which the installation of one or more cookies is necessary. In addition, it prevents us from improving the accessibility and navigability of our website and from being able to provide a good service to our customers.

For the configuration of cookies on web browsers:

Common browsers allow you to manage your preferences about the use of cookies by changing their settings to refuse or delete certain cookies. The following links will provide you more information about the settings of the most common browsers:

Personal Data Protection Policy (LOPD)

You can find more information about our personal data protection policy at the following link:

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Preferences in Cookies

This page uses our own and third party cookies to improve the navigability and accessibility of our website and to optimize the user experience.

You can accept all cookies by clicking on the "Accept" button or click on "Settings" to obtain more information about them and to set or refuse their use.