After-sales service

After-sales service

The responsibilty that COFAN has with quality does not finish when its products (or services) have been traded.

The high success rate of COFAN products has a great added value to this service, which deals with:

  • Instruction on the correct use of the product
  • Product installation, assembly and maintenance
  • Safety equipment
  • Servicing and guarantee
  • Customer assistance
  • Check the technical data sheets and certifications

All these provisions are carried out in a fast and effective way, assuring the resolution of the incidence and, as a consequence, the customer's satisfaction.

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After-sales service
Customer service

Customer service

The COFAN customer service personnel is a multidisciplinary staff qualified to provide a detailed explanation of the characteristics of each of the COFAN products, as well as to give advice about what is the most suitable item for each occasion.

This group is made up of the people in charge of the assistance over the phone and the group of sale promotion operators working in different geographical areas who attend personally the requests or doubts of all the customers.

Here you will find all the information and help that you need before, during and after the purchase. You can contact us through email, contact forms, services, telephones, etc.

If you would like to talk to one of us, please call 0034 926 563 928 or 0034 926 589 007,

Tel: (FR) (+33) 05 57359966
Tel: (ES) +34 926 563 928 - +34 926 589 007
Fax: (FR) (+33) 05 56858466
Customer service
Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Service Deparement:

✓ Power tools, machinery, cordless and pneumatic tools:

1. We have a team of qualified professionals who are able to solve any doubt or problem.

  • We repair machiney and tools, replace parts damaged and provide technical assistance.
  • It is possible to have a courtesy machinery for 24 hours while it is repairing your own machine.

2. If desired, technical support could be also provided by your nearest Cofan distributor.

3. Apart from our technical service, Cofan signed an agreement with the company to take our fuel-powered tools directly to one of the diferent repair shops located in both Spain and Portugal.

✓ Hand tools:

  • Lifetime guarantee for manufacturing fault

✓ Small Appliances:

  • Replace your broken electrical appliance with a new one in 24 hous (if under guarantee).

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Technical Support
Cofan Express

Cofan Express

Logistics in 24hours, this service for distributors continues to convince people from the sector to bet on COFAN, since there are very few brands on the market that guarantees quality products the day after the order has been placed.

Process the most urgent orders (deliver in 24 hours) from the most suitable point of sale you consider, the delivery of your order is garanteed thanks to the best logistic operators.

24-hour delivery service on the Iberian peninsula for those orders placed from Monday to Friday before 3.30pm.

48-hour delivery service in Portugal and Balearic Islands, meanwhile, there is a weekly delivery for Canary Islands (departing on Fridays and delivering on Wednesday by Transaher).

✓ We have a transportation service provided by DHL and Seur in which we can ensure the delivery of any of our wide range of product as soon as possible and in perfect conditions.

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Cofan Express
ERP Software

ERP Software

This software, called Perseo, developed by our own R&D+i department, is tailored to the current commercial activities in all our sale points and distributors. It aims to facilitate any management processes, such as:

  • Customers management, suppliers, employees, users…
  • Sales management (offers or quotes, orders, delivery notes and invoices)
  • Sale on the way
  • Collect management
  • Purchases management
  • Department store management
  • Manufacturing and price tag

And other modules specially designed to increase the work management effectiveness and rapidity. It is successfully implemented due to its interaction with our central database.

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ERP Software
Tailor-Made Project

Tailor-Made Project. ENTER – BUY – COME BACK

Optimising the profitability in your business through strategies designed to obtain an appropriate internal distribution and also an attractive and impressive external presentation. Cofan advises you and designs your hardware shop, whether in a new stablishment or in a existing sale point.

Within the strategy and initiative 'Enter – Buy – Come Back', Cofan::

  1. Studies thoroughly each case and helps you with financing;
  2. Has fast-moving stock for those new product families and its introduction;
  3. Your interior establishment is custom-designed, is also specially organised by providing the equipment and a family product distribution, posters and layout;
  4. Desings your facade with sign and external finishes;
  5. Corporate identity development, from logotypes, logomark, combination marks or emblems, to all identity elements that share it like graphic design and merchandising.

Companies should develop all sorts of strategies to highlight and transmit their own brand image. Therefore, Cofan designs and develops the shop you need in order to differentiate themselves from competitors, promote sales, save space and make the product location easier.

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Tailor-Made Project
Working Together Online

Working Together Online

We are living in a time of increasing digitalisation and we must adapt to the continuous technological changes our society and culture are experiencing. A digitisation campaign is carried out by our Marketing, Development and Web Programming Departments in order to stand out Cofan brand on Internet. To this end, we are investing in Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Search engine marketing (SEM), Social Networks and online and display advertising.

What can Cofan offer you?

1. Using your own web page intended for direct sales to the final customers, but how?

  • Cofan can generate an URL personalized for each customer, so every final customer who visits our website with that personalized link, permanently connects that end customer with that hardware shop with the aim to have an effect on the sales margins through commissions charged. This URL could be used on the website, online shops as well as on digital platforms and social networks.

2. Using Dropshipping

  • We can organise everything in order to make the payment of these online sales to the hardware shop by our Cofan website, and it will be sent directly to our final customer through our Dropshipping system.
  • Our infrastructure, logistics, as well as our software development are prepared to make this work system something innovative and profitable.

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Working Together Online
Cofan training

Cofan training

COFAN offers all possible business tools to all its distributors to help increasing their business and assuring their future. One of them is a training course, a service whose importance is growing up every day because of social and technological changes realised on the market.

This way, COFAN bets heavily on offering all the possible tools so that COFAN distributors become "cutting-edge" distributors, that is, prepared and qualified people to face technological changes on the products, cultural changes of the social life and new economic situations.

Because of this, COFAN proposes a Traning Plan divided into three groups:

PRODUCT FORMATION. It refers to all the knowledge that must be obtained regarding the product, materials, certifications and regulations, etc. This group is divided into each of the sections of the COFAN catalogue.

SALES TECHNIQUES. In this course, there is a convergence of the following skills which are taught: interpreting, organizing, negotiating, directing, preparing and increasing sales among others.

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Cofan training
Redsys European Regional Development Fund We are committed to promoting youth employment

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